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SQLMagic Information :

SQLMagic is an easy-to-use Windows based graphical interface to SQL/MP running on HP Nonstop systems

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SQLMagic's key features include:

Effective User Interface

The SQLMagic client program runs under the Microsoft Windows operating system.

It provides a familiar, easy to use "Explorer-like" interface which enables the user to become productive in a very short time.

Efficient Implementation

The SQLMagic server program runs under the NonStop Kernel operating system.

It provides fast access to NonStop SQL/MP databases. All SQL statements use native SQL/MP syntax, and a dynamic SQL statement cache eliminates unnecessary SQL compilations.

Database Management

The user can quickly create, alter, or drop SQL objects such as tables, views, and indexes.

In addition, a powerful set of wizards helps you perform complex tasks like splitting a partition, moving a table, or creating a new database. The wizards do much more than simply generate SQL statements. For example: the split partition wizard can calculate the key value required to make the split at a specified percentage of the records. The create database wizard can create a new database that looks like an existing database, but with the size of the tables and indexes scaled up or down as required.

Some functions (for example, creating an index, or splitting a partition) may take a long time to perform. You can instruct SQLMagic to perform these as background tasks, or you can generate a script that can be scheduled for execution by NetBatch, or another job scheduling tool.

Table Maintenance

It is often convenient to browse SQL tables, and to insert, update, or delete rows, especially in a development or testing environment. This is easily accomplished using SQLMagic.

The rows in a table can be displayed in the order determined by the primary key, or any of the table's indexes. You can restrict which rows are displayed by specifying a filter expression. This is especially useful for large tables.

An Import Data wizard allows you to import data into a table. The data source can be a PC file in CSV format, an ODBC data source, or an NSK file.

An Export Data wizard allows you to export data from a table or view. The data can be written to an NSK file in CSV or Enscribe format, to an ODBC data source, or to a PC file in CSV format.

Visual Query Builder

The Visual Query Builder lets you quickly create queries using familiar graphical operations such as drag and drop. You don't need to type long and complicated commands, or even remember column names - creating even the most complex of queries requires only a few keystrokes or mouse clicks.

Once a query has been built, it can be saved for use at a later time. Queries are stored in a Nonstop SQL database. Each query has a security string which specifies which users can view, alter, run, and delete the query.

A query can be "live", or "static". A Live query runs immediately, and displays the current data from the database. In contrast, a static query takes a snapshot of the data and stores it in a Nonstop SQL table. You can view this "result table" at a later time.

The query builder supports run time parameters. Each time the query is run, the user is prompted to supply a value for each parameter in the query. Parameters are usually used in search conditions, this allows the user to select a different set of rows each time the query is run.


SQLView allows non-technical users to display and print reports from data stored in a NonStop SQL/MP database. No knowledge is required of the NSK system, or of SQL to use SQLView.

The user can run queries prepared using the SQLMagic Visual Query Builder, and can browse database tables or views.

Simple reports can easily be produced.

Data can be exported to a CSV file.


Simple reports can be easily created from SQL catalogs, queries, tables, and views.

The Page Setup window allows the user to customize the layout of reports. Layout options include "fit to page", column wrapping, columnar reports and record by record reports.

The Print Preview window allows the user to display the report on the screen before printing it.

Managed SQL Compilation

It is very important to ensure that SQL programs are properly SQL compiled. This prevents unnecessary automatic recompilation, and ensures optimal application performance.

SQLMagic maintains a database of SQL compiler options and TACL DEFINES. This information is used to ensure programs are compiled correctly each time. SQLMagic can determine which programs require recompilation due to a database change like moving a table, or adding an index.

Compilation is performed online, or via a TACL script.

SQL Statement Use and Cost

SQLMagic provides a number of reports on SQL statement use and cost.

  • The Explain SQL Statements report displays information about all the SQL statements in a single program.
  • The Explain SQL Uses report displays information about all the SQL statements that refer to a particular table. Each program that refers to the table is included in the report.
  • The Explain All report contains a summary of the SQL statements in one or more programs. The report is in CSV format, and is suitable for importing into a spreadsheet. Once in a spreadsheet, the information can be sorted by statement cost, program name or various other fields. (If Microsoft Excel is installed on your PC, the report is automatically imported into an Excel worksheet).

SQL Statistics Management

The SQL compiler uses statistics stored in the catalog to select a strategy for an execution plan. The Update Statistics wizard helps you update the statistics for a table.

SQLMagic allows you to copy statistics from one table (or index) to another. This allows you to test the execution of SQL statements on a test database using production database statistics.

DDL Statements

SQLMagic can generate DDL statements that describe SQL objects such as tables, view, or indexes. For tables, it can also generate the Enscribe DDL definition. You can edit the DDL text, or save it to a file.

Batch Processing

SQLMagic can generate scripts to perform SQL operations in batch mode. This is most useful for long-running, or resource intensive operations that must be performed during off-peak times. The scripts can be scheduled for execution using NetBatch or a similar job scheduling tool.

SQL Command Processor

The SQLMagic command processor provides an easy to use interface to SQLCI. A powerful command history facility allows the user to recall and edit previously executed commands, and to re-display the output from previously executed commands.

Nonstop SQL/MP Online Help

The SQLMagic client program provides an easy to use interface to the Nonstop SQL/MP help system. Using a familiar Windows-style interface you can:
  • Access context-sensitive help
  • Select a help topic from an index
  • Search for help topics
  • Jump to another topic using a hyperlink
  • Go back to previous topics
  • Print help topics
XYGATE/AC Interface

SQLMagic can be used with
XYPro Technology Corporation's XYGATE/AC product. For more information on this feature, click here

SQLMagic is simply the best tool available for managing NonStop SQL/MP databases. It provides a rich set of features to help make database administrators, application developers, technical support staff, and software testers more productive.

What's New

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System requirements

PC: Windows XP/Vista/7/8

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