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Partner FAQ :

What does Partner do?
    Partner is used to help partition or repartition Enscribe files, SQL/MP tables or indexes.

How is Partner used?
    Partner is run before the actual reload that does the (re)partitioning. Partner produces a report showing the distribution of keys in the file. The user specifies the desired percentage(s) of the data to be put into each partition. Partner produces a FUP or SQLCI reload script template containing the start keys for each partition. For SQL/MP tables or indexes, Partner can produce a one- or two-way online split script.

How long does it take?
    The Partner run will vary dependiong on various factors such as file size, key size, and key distribution. Partner typically takes about 5 minutes on files of several gigabytes.

How accurate is it?
    Partner is usually within a fraction of a percentage. Runtime options can be used to increase or decrease the accuracy as required.

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