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MPress Information :

MPress is a full-function report writer for NSK systems. Reports can be produced from SQL/MP, SQL/MX, and Enscribe databases. It provides feature-rich output formatting, including multiple font styles and sizes, graphics, and color.

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MPress key features include:

NSK Reporting Engine

The MPress report engine runs directly on the NSK system, and can print to any network attached printer, the spooler, or to Guardian or OSS files. Reports can be scheduled using NETBATCH to run automatically on a regular basis.

Support for SQL/MP, SQL/MX, and Enscribe

MPress can select data that comes from SQL/MP, from SQL/MX, and from Enscribe. You can also mix data from different sources in the same report. It also means you can design your reports now using an SQL/MP database, and migrate them to SQL/MX later. Or, you can design a report now for Enscribe, and move it to SQL later. Changing the data source from one type to another is a simple click of a button.

Laserjet and Postscript Printing

MPress supports HP LaserJet, Postscript, and compatible printers. You can use various font styles and sizes, italics, bold and color to make your reports stand out. MPress also allows reports to contain Windows bitmap graphics, so you can add logos and other picture data.

Portable Document Format (PDF) Output

MPress can write output to Guardian or OSS files in Adobe(R) PDF format. Because the MPress report engine runs on the NSK system, you can use this facility to automatically generate PDF reports that can be viewed with any browser on an intra- or extranet web server.

Visual Report Designer

MPress includes a visual report designer for designing reports. Labels, graphics, and database fields are laid out on the page using an intuitive interface. There are facilities to design reports with group headings and footings. These can include aggregate data such as group totals and averages. There are also facilities for constructing page based reports like form-letters. The designer includes a print-preview function, and can be used to print reports to any Windows attached printer. The designer also includes comprehensive online help.

Run-time Defines and Parameters

Reports can be developed with default parameters and defines that are then overridden as necessary each time the report is run. The reporting engine fully supports the use of defines to access the database.

Barcode Support
A Barcode is a visual component that, when printed, may be scanned and read by scanners.

The component contains a Value Expression. Each time the Barcode is printed, the Value Expression is evaluated and used to determine the Barcode pattern.

Currently supported barcodes are:

  • UPC
  • EAN (EAN13)
  • CODE39(X)
  • CODE93
  • Interleaved 2 of 5
  • CODE128
A Value Expression is a value calculated at run time. It can refer to fields in the current data source record as well as constants, aggregates, and built in functions.

You can use the Expression Editor to build and edit expressions. The evaluated Value may be optionally printed with the Barcode pattern.

Sample Reports

System Requirements

PC: Windows XP/Vista/7
Nonstop System: Nonstop SQL/MP, or SQL/MX (Release 2.1 or better)

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