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Mars Information :

The Merlon Auto Reload System (MARS) is an easy-to-use utility for maintaining database health on HP Nonstop systems

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MARS key features include:

Powerful software for maintaining database health on HP NonStop servers

Most application databases include key-sequenced objects on which records are added and deleted on a regular basis. Over time, this can degrade database organization, impacting access times and increasing the performance overhead of using those objects. Disk space, allocated for deleted records, can also become unavailable.

Manual methods addressing this increase the risk of human error and can adversely affect system performance, as in-depth analysis and reload of those objects has a relatively high performance cost. These activities require operations and support staff that could be better deployed to other tasks.

The Merlon Auto Reload System (MARS) provides a mechanism for monitoring and correcting database degradation. MARS continuously monitors the health of key-sequenced database objects using advanced data-sampling techniques and reloads those objects when appropriate, minimizing user intervention and performance overheads.

Easy to set up and use
Several features make MARS easy to set up and use:
  • Step by step installation procedure
  • Simple configuration parameter specification
  • Intuitive graphical user interface
  • Complete online help
  • No special system requirements
  • No SYSGEN required.

Effective User Interface

The MARS client program runs under the Microsoft Windows operating system.
It provides a familiar, easy to use "Explorer-like" interface, which enables the user to configure and control the product quickly.

Automatic Reload

MARS performs a health check on key sequenced database objects. It detects four conditions that may indicate that an object needs to be reloaded, then schedules a reload for that object:
  • The number of index levels is too high
  • There is too much slack space
  • The data blocks in the file are disordered
  • Previous SQL table maintenance has left unreclaimed space

Database Object Filtering

The database objects that MARS is to review, and possibly reload, can be filtered by their attributes so that MARS only accesses the objects as desired by the user.

Comprehensive Process Control

Although MARS can perform its work with no intervention, the user retains control of both file analysis and possibly resource-intensive reloads. The user may:
  • Limit MARS processing, including reloads, to be performed only during a specified time period.
  • Limit the number of simultaneous online reloads.
  • Allocate a subset of system CPUs on which online reloads may take place.
  • Prioritize database objects so that more critical objects will be reloaded first.

Activity History

The MARS server maintains a log of the activities performed that can be viewed through the MARS client program, providing both an immediate view of MARS processing as well as the ability to review past events.

"Panic Button" Control

As file reloading can be a resource-intensive task, all MARS-initiated processing can be suspended with a single command from the MARS client program, then resumed with another single command.

Detailed Reload Analysis Reports

MARS includes the Merlon Reload Analyzer (MRA), a server component that can be used to produce detailed reload analysis reports.

System requirements

PC: Windows 7/8/10

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