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Discover is a disk storage management tool for HP Nonstop systems. It is designed to reduce storage management costs, and to reduce the risk of unplanned application outages due to disk resource problems. As well as monitoring and automatically managing storage, Discover provides powerful storage administration features.

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The Merlon Auto Reload System (MARS) examines NSK database files on a regular basis to determine whether they need to be reloaded for optimal performance and disk space consumption. Files that require reloading are automatically reloaded according to a schedule established by the user.

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MPress is an exciting new full-function NSK-based reporting package for SQL/MP, SQL/MX, and Enscribe. It provides feature-rich output formatting, including multiple font styles and sizes, graphics, and color.

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Partner is a program that analyzes the distribution of keys in key sequenced Enscribe files, SQL/MP tables and indexes. You can use it to determine when and where to split partitions, or to repartition an entire file. Partner can produce a FUP or SQLCI script.

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SQLMagic is an easy-to-use Windows based Graphical User Interface for SQL/MP.

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SQLXPress is a Windows based browser-like interface for SQL/MX and SQL/MP.

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