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The latest full MARS release is 2.31

The Merlon Auto Reload System (MARS) consists of three parts: The MARS Server runs on the NSK platform and is controlled by a Graphical User Interface (GUI) client program that runs under Windows 7, 8, or 10. MARS also includes an optionally licensed independent server program called the Merlon Reload Analyzer (MRA).

At least one client is required to configure and monitor MARS, although multiple clients may access MARS simultaneously.

Existing MARS users should note that release 2.30 and later servers are incompatible with previous versions of the MARS client.  You must install the 2.3n client to access the 2.3n MARS server, so please download the "Server Only" package only if all prospective MARS users will be installing the current MARS client.

There are four MARS packages available for download:

Click here to view the current readme.
Click here to view the release 2.2n transition guide for release 2.14 users.

Once you have downloaded the appropriate package, contact us for installation instructions and upgrade information

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