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Download Discover:

The latest full Discover release is 3.40

This release of Discover includes a Graphical User Interface which runs under Windows 7, 8 or 10. This is referred to as the "Discover Client". The client should not be confused with the Discover Command Interpreter (DCI), which is part of the "Server Only" package. The client is NOT required to run Discover. If you are an existing Discover user, and you do not wish to install the client, you can upgrade to the new release of Discover by downloading the "Server Only" package.

Discover version 3.10 (and later) includes the new Discover Worksheet Editor, which is a simplified interface for worksheets. It is intended to provide basic worksheet access to end users and/or non-technical staff.

There are four Discover packages available for download:
Click here to view the current readme.
Once you have downloaded the appropriate package, contact us for installation instructions and upgrade information

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